Gaga arriving at Brussels Town Hall. 9.22.14 HQ

Lady Gaga at  “Cheek To Cheek” press conference in Brussels, Belgium september 22nd, 2014 


Here is a note I received today from a young guy,

"You’re a disgrace to the male race"

I get these kind of emails from time to time. Today was one of those days I decided to respond. I really hope he reads it.

"Sorry you feel that way and that you felt the need to try to put a little dark cloud into my beautiful day, and even though I know your words are meant to hurt me, they don’t. You see, the truth is, I have a great life! Yes, I have had the pleasure of traveling and meeting interesting and inspiring people, and if I haven’t met them in person, I have received notes of love and support from them from all over the world. I have a wonderful family, and friends and a partner. These were things I never thought would be possible considering the time I grew up in, but I have worked hard for change along with others that came before me, and I count my blessings for my good fortune. I can only hope that you are as lucky as I am someday because, if you are, I know there is no way you would ever send another human being a note of hate like you sent me. Instead, you’d feel so grateful for your good fortune, you’d only want to share that love and good fortune with others. So, rather than add ugliness into your world, and into the world we both live in, I choose to send you love and light! Be well! Coco”
Just call me Saint Coco!

9.22.14 Gaga and Asia leaving their hotel in Brussels

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"Well you know, Tony, my life feels like a movie when I’m singin’ with you."

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